Sterling VA Services

Sometimes just knowing that someone is taking care of things can relieve so much pressure.

What we believe is important is that we understand, listen and communicate well with our clients. In return this enables you to TRUST US

🐝 We understand you

We understand our clients whether it be your branding, message or what you stand for. Why is this important? If we're acting on behalf of your company its important to understand your story. We want to install the same passion that you have for your business, to get excited about the journey and. your growth. It also makes it easier for us to find images or create copy in your unique style. 

🐝 We Listen to you

We listen to our clients. We listen to find out what you're looking for and what you desire as your end result. With our experience we often have ideas or suggestions to get results faster or to organise tasks in various ways. 

🐝 Communication is key

Each one of our clients has their own Asana board (desktop & mobile versions available) to keep track of tasks, jot down ideas and send us messages. We also have our clients on WhatsApp should you need anything urgently. 

Are you ready to get your time back and BEE a BOSS again? 🐝

We're here for you. 

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Is this you...

⚡️ You need help in your business, but you're not ready for employees.

⚡️ You stay up late or work weekends trying to get everything done.

⚡️ You want to focus on the MONEY  tasks but are too busy with admin tasks. 

I hear you.  No, I really do! 

A lot of business owners come to me at this point. Most of the time, they want to grow their business but really don't want to be paying for a full-time employee, PAYE or sickness/holiday pay & cover. 

Choosing to work with a virtual assistant allows you to minimise those costs and still get the work done. Better yet, the work that you get billed for is the time that we spend working on your business. This means you don't pay for our toilet or lunch breaks either. 

Are you ready to invest in your business and get your time back?


We have a 60-minute Strategy Session to find out more about your business and create a con


Currently £250

10 Hours

This package is perfect if...


You'd like us to focus on one specific task per month. 

Or, a few smaller tasks each week.



Currently £400


Let's work together on a weekly basis. We can take away some of those weekly/monthly admin tasks from your to-do list. 

Image by Augustine Wong


Currently £500


Make moves in your business. 

20 hours a month means that we can get fully involved. 

We can work with you on ongoing tasks as well as some ad-hoc projects. 


Thanks for submitting!

Message from our CEO

By now you would have heard me go on and on about getting your time back. Every Virtual Assistant will tell you that you'll get your time back. But here's my reason why...

When I was younger my parents had a very successful business, they'd taken it over from my Grandfather and everything was great. After I turned 10, my sister became very poorly. My mum and sister lived in Great Ormand Street hospital for a few years until she got better. You might be thinking, "Hanah how is this related to getting my time back?" Bare with me. 

My Dad had to run up to London every day to visit and also continue running their business. This affected the business massively. 

With time, my sister got better but my parents would have to work day and night, weekends and through our holidays to make sure the business survived. 

You don't know what can happen. If something were to happen to you, what would happen to your business? 

I help business owners continue running their businesses through the highs and lows. I help enable my clients to spend time with their families, have time to themselves, or spend their time on money-making tasks! 

THIS is why I became a Virtual Assistant.

So when I say I help my clients get their time back, I mean it. 

I look after my clients and my team like family.