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Get CONSISTENT on social media with content that screams YOU.

When you get busy social media can be the first to go from your to-do list. That's normal! 


However, in order to thrive on socials, CONSISTENCY is key.


Why? That's's because of the algorithm. Now I won't dive into the ins and outs right now, but what I will say is that:


If you're consistent on socials during the highs, you will have an audience to sell to in the lows.

🐝We work WITH our clients not FOR our clients.🐝


What does this mean? It means that even though we're creating all of your content, you get to approve and edit posts before they're scheduled out. 

At Sterling VA Services, we want to be a part of YOUR JOURNEY and a part of YOUR TEAM. 

Just post today! Don't put it off, you've got this! (4).png
Just post today! Don't put it off, you've got this! (5).png
Just post today! Don't put it off, you've got this! (3).png
Just post today! Don't put it off, you've got this! (7).png

Do you feel like...

❌ As soon as you get busy in your business, you drop socials.

❌ Your content doesn't match your business branding

❌ You're scared to outsource your social media management

You're not the only one. 

Social media needs to be kept consistent, on-brand with your personality shining through. It can be really hard to maintain, which is why we offer support! 


We have a 60-minute Strategy Session to find out more about your business and create a con


Strategy Support

This package is for you if you're ready to level up your socials and start selling in the DM's. Perhaps you want to create a lead magnet or post converting content more consistently. 

This is the perfect package if you want to be held accountable on a weekly basis! 

This package includes:


🐝 1 X 90-minute strategy session 

🐝 Content plan 

🐝 1:1 Support via Whatsapp 




Social media can be very challenging and time consuming, are you ready to get consistent? 

Have posts created for you so all you need to do is post them!

This package includes:

🐝 12 x images provided 

🐝 12 x captions provided

🐝 Hashtag bank

All you need to do is fill out our monthly questionnaire and we'll send you everything you need!

Image by Augustine Wong



How much time do you spend working on your social media?


Let us do the backend work so you can focus on your business!

This package includes: 

🐝1 x 60-minute strategy session

🐝5 scheduled posts a week onto your Facebook business page and & Instagram business account. 

🐝 Asana board to approve posts. 

🐝 Hashtag bank

🐝 Monthly insights report



Just post today! Don't put it off, you've got this! (6).png

Meet the CEO

Hanah founded Sterling VA Services back in October 2020 during the Pandemic. She has built two businesses of her own through social media and word of mouth.


Since then we have grown and worked with various businesses on creating content and managing social media accounts. 

Are you ready to level up your socials? 

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