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Do you wish you could stop worrying about the smaller business tasks that keep you busy and have a clearer headspace to start focusing on the money-making tasks that drive your business forward?

I hear you, you're tired of...

👉 Staying up late at night because you're thinking of all of the tasks you need to get done.

👉 Wasting time researching every system out there desperately trying to find the perfect systems stack for your business. 

👉 Chasing customers/clients to pay invoices that you sent months ago but forgot about.

👉 Never being able to take time off from work because you're always playing catch-up and no one is there to support you.

👉 Feeling exhausted and desperate to move the business forward but you just don't have the clarity or brain capacity to make CEO decisions.

You didn't start your business to end up working in every department. 


You want to be the CEO, you want a successful business and you can have it.


  All you need is...

A Virtual Assistant.

It's 100% okay to have support with your business. Being an entrepreneur can be really lonely sometimes. You might be very independent and capable of doing everything but that doesn't mean you should do it alone.


You are a CEO and to outsource work to a virtual assistant you do NOT need...

👉 Perfect systems in your business

👉 A business playbook with all of the fine details

👉 Hours and hours of time to train your new VA

You don't need to get things organised before your VA joins your team. Let me tell you why...


Sterling Virtual Assistants

✨ Are fully trained to support you with your tasks.

✨ Have experience supporting other business owners just like you.

✨ Will be able to dive in and suggest the best ways and systems to keep your business organised.

✨ Will keep you informed and hold you accountable through regular communication.

Get time back.

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Get creative.

Keep things simple.

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Business fluctuates, which is why a virtual assistant is a perfect solution.

Close your eyes and imagine...

✨ Having someone to hold you accountable each week.

✨ Earning more money and taking on more clients/customers with ease.

✨ Having a clear headspace to make those CEO decisions that will drive your business forward.

✨ Having someone who is ready to take action and feels as passionate about your business as you are.

✨ Having someone who is involved enough to use their initiative and suggests new ideas.

You don't have to do it all yourself, you can have the support you need.


So you've decided you want to offload some of your workloads and grow your business. But where do you even start? 

We've made it simple for you! Below you'll find various tasks that we can take off your hands.

If there's something we've missed, get in touch!

Email Management

Calendar Management


Follow-up Calls

CRM Organisation

Dubsado Set-up

Content Creation



Dubsado Set-up

We will create a folder and flag system, deal with emails that we can deal with and highlight emails for your immediate attention.

We can set up calendar blocking and arrange meetings.

We will create, send, organise and chase invoices.

Once you've sent a quote or had a meeting we can call/email to follow up.

With your notes, we will keep your CRM up to date.

We can create Dubsado workflows, templates, emails etc.

We create blogs, social media posts and email campaigns.

Let us create some easy to edit designs for you to use moving forward.

We can spend a few hours a month on your social media account engaging with your online community. We also specifically target your ideal clients.

We can create Dubsado workflows, templates, emails etc.

What's Included:

~ Zoom meetings with your designated virtual assistant. 

~ An Asana board to discuss individual tasks. 

~ A Google Drive folder to send and store documents.

~ Email communication or a team Whatsapp group.

~ Customer service support when you need it.


10 hours a month of virtual assistant support.

This is perfect for 1-3 smaller tasks like email management, organising your files or sending invoices.


16 hours of virtual assistant support.

This is ideal for 1 big task and 2-3 smaller tasks like scheduling social media posts or booking meetings.


20 hours a month of virtual assistant support.

Have your support with smaller tasks as well as bigger tasks. Like follow-up calls, or creating social media content.



How will I communicate with my virtual assistant?

Through either WhatsApp or emails, and regular meetings.


Where can I assign tasks to my virtual assistant?

You can email tasks in, arrange them at your meeting or we can create a team Asana board. 


What if it doesn't work out?

We understand that working with a VA is not for everyone! That is absolutely fine, which is why we only ask for just 28 days' notice if you wish to part ways.


It's very simple for us to close things down and we will send anything you need over in an email to you.


Will I need to pay for meetings?

Meeting time will be taken from the amout of hours that you initially paid for that month.


If you require a more in depth strategy/mentoring session this will be charged at a higher amount and will take place with Hanah.


Can my virtual assistant join my systems?

Absolutely, however this would need to be discussed further.


Do I have to commit to a retainer contract straight away?


NO. If you'd like to, we can work on an ad-hoc basis for the first month, see if we're the right fit and then move to a retainer contract the next month.