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Hello, I'm Hanah! 

I don't like to think of myself as a virtual assistant. I am a virtual CEO. I run my own businesses and help others have the time freedom to run theirs. I created my business so that I could have the work/life balance that I dreamt of. I wanted to earn enough money so that I could spend time with my daughter, but also have time to myself. After taking the leap and starting my business I had: 

✨ Left my 9-5 at 4 months

✨ Hired my first associate at 5 months 

✨ I had replaced my full-time income by 6 months 

By 1 year I had found myself...

✨ Switching to an agency model

✨ Training a whole team of associates

✨ Earning my first 4k month 

If you want to become a virtual assistant and gain financial freedom, time freedom and to live the lifestyle you dream of then, you've come to the right place. 

You are not alone. Let's do this together.


Work with me 1:1

Power Hour

This package includes:


🐝 1 X 60-minute strategy session.


Starter Package

This package includes:



🐝 1 X 90-minute strategy session


🐝 1 x Voxer day per week

🐝 Google Drive Folder to add anything that you'd like my review on.


ALL IN 1:1

This package includes:

🐝 Bi-weekly x 60-minute sessions. 

🐝 Voxer support Monday-Friday.

🐝 Google Drive Folder to add anything that you'd like my review on.



Within just one year of starting my business I...

✨ Was earning more than I'd ever earnt before
✨Was managing a team of associates
✨ Was attracting my ideal client

Do you want to level up your Virtual Assistant business and achieve...

✨ Your dream income

✨ A successful CEO lifestyle

✨ A sustainable business